Entropy meets the Domino Bead Game

Parker and I absolutely love Entropy. We do not, however, love the Domino Bead Game. The moves seem very forced to us, and the scoring is too extreme. So, we have combined a game that we love with a game that we wish to improve.

Materials: a set of six different dominoes. These dominoes must be made up of the six combinations of three different numbers or colours. Each player will need three of each kind of domino, and you will need two extra dominoes for the starting board.

Set Up: Parker and I use poker chips to create the dominoes that we need. In the examples below, a domino is two poker chips placed side-by-side either vertically or horizontally. We use three colours of poker chips to make the six different “dominoes,” and place them in front of us. We then stack two more poker chips of the appropriate colour on top of each poker chip already in front of us.

Your pieces should look like below. In this example, let B = a stack of 3 blue poker chips, let R = a stack of 3 red poker chips, and let P = a stack of 3 purple poker chips.

B   B   B   R   R   P
B   R   P   R   P   P

You now have six different types of “dominoes” (BB, BR, BP, RR, RP, PP) and three of each.

All pairs of poker chips will now be referred to as “dominoes.”

Each player places a domino of his/her choice on the board (take these starting dominoes from the general pile). These initial dominoes must form a rectangle.

For example, in a two-player game, the players pull from the left-over dominoes to form
All dominoes that you place may be vertical or horizontal.

Game Play: on your turn, place one domino that joins at least two different lines (vertical or horizontal). Then score the number of all palindromes that your domino is now a part of.

For example, player one places a BR domino vertically. The board now looks like this:

Player one’s domino is a part of three palindromes! They are listed and scored below:
BPB  = one point
RR  = one point
RRR = one point

Player one has scored 3 points on his first turn.

Players keep placing and scoring dominoes until all dominoes are used up. The player with the most points wins!


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