My Gaming Goal

At a staff Meeting on Tuesday, August 21st, my coworkers and I were asked to come up with a goal to achieve by Tuesday, September 25th. Since I’ve been wanting to play games more often, I decided on this goal: play games twenty times by the deadline.

This goal was too easy. I was able to achieve this goal in just two weeks. This was mainly due to playing games such as Hive, Dixit and Dominion multiple times each. So, I slightly altered my goal: play twenty different games by the deadline.

It is Thursday, September 20th, and I have played nineteen different games since Tuesday, August 21st. As you can see, this version of the goal has also been easy to accomplish. Right now I am deciding which game will be #20. I think I am going to go with Go…

For those who are interested, here is the list:

  1. Qyshinsu
  2. Backgammon
  3. Y
  4. Hex
  5. Othello
  6. Amazons
  7. Zertz
  8. Hive
  9. Dixit
  10. Dominion
  11. Dvonn
  12. Slither
  13. Zombie Fluxx
  14. Havannah
  15. Bananagrams
  16. Boggle
  17. Rummy
  18. Ketchup
  19. Oddball

A couple of notes on the matches of these games:

  • I should not play Havannah with Parker again. Not unless I study it thoroughly before challenging him.
  • Though I lost at Bananagrams, I was very proud of what I had achieved by the end of the game. I had both Zs and both Xs, along with Vs, Qs and Js. I also had a severe lack of vowels. At one point, I destroyed a quarter of my board and began working with four vowels and at least twelve consonants. When I lost to Parker, I was down to only four loose letters.
  • My friend Autumn is a master of Rummy. I have only played this card game with her a few times in my life, and each time she has beaten me by at least 100 points.
  • Everyone loves Dixit. I played this game with a couple of people who had previously expressed their disinterest in board games. Not only do they like Dixit, but they even won the rounds that they played.
  • Zombie Fluxx: the zombies won…
  • I am quickly becoming obsessed with Dominion. I must find more people who will play this game with me!

♣ ♣ ♣

Friday, September 21st

Game #20: Entropy

As you know, I had planned to make my last game of the list Go. However, Parker was actually in the mood to play Entropy (this hasn’t happened in a long time), so we played a game on a 5×5 grid. This was the closest game of Entropy that Parker and I have ever played.

Parker: 56 points
Megan: 57 points

I am very happy to have finished my goal with a win – especially a win in a very close game.


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