Divide and Conquer Extension

We played the Claude Soucie game Divide and Conquer at the laundromat.
It was very good, but we found the hand management to be hard. It was too difficult to imagine what the other player was holding.

We “extended” the game by allowing the players to see each other’s cards.
This doesn’t add any information to the game because the pack of ten cards, 2-10 and queen, are dealt to out randomly between the two players. Once you see your hand, you “know” the other player’s hand immediately. However, we found it strategically helpful to make the cards visible to the other player.

This broke the “simultaneous bid” mechanic of the game because it was no longer clear how to pick a card without revealing your choice to your opponent. We fixed the problem by dealing a second hand of cards, identical to the first, to each player. These became of their “bidding cards”. The original game rules still apply, but bidding is done from a secret hand which matches the face-up cards.

After two plays, the game needs more work-shopping.


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