Learning & Games at RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe

Last Friday, Parker and I began a new project: a six-week-long children’s program that is part homework help, part games workshop. Each class consists of forty five minutes of tutoring and forty five minutes of game play and discussion. Our first game of the workshop is Hex.

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My Gaming Goal

At a staff Meeting on Tuesday, August 21st, my coworkers and I were asked to come up with a goal to achieve by Tuesday, September 25th. Since I’ve been wanting to play games more often, I decided on this goal: play games twenty times by the deadline.

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The first trick-taking game I ever played with Parker is French Tarot – the most complicated trick-taking game I have ever come across. We both enjoyed French Tarot and still talk about playing it again, but it took a while to get used to the rules. We soon after discovered 500 (a simpler form of French Tarot) and, because of our experience, took to it quickly.

I highly recommend trying 500, especially if you are a fan of euchre or other trick-taking games. I also recommend French Tarot, but it would be best to learn 500 first.

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