My Gaming Goal

At a staff Meeting on Tuesday, August 21st, my coworkers and I were asked to come up with a goal to achieve by Tuesday, September 25th. Since I’ve been wanting to play games more often, I decided on this goal: play games twenty times by the deadline.

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The first trick-taking game I ever played with Parker is French Tarot – the most complicated trick-taking game I have ever come across. We both enjoyed French Tarot and still talk about playing it again, but it took a while to get used to the rules. We soon after discovered 500 (a simpler form of French Tarot) and, because of our experience, took to it quickly.

I highly recommend trying 500, especially if you are a fan of euchre or other trick-taking games. I also recommend French Tarot, but it would be best to learn 500 first.

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